International Rights

The international rights or master franchise rights will vary from country to country, depending on the style of operation. Various options are available and would be discussed with the prospective franchisee.

Some of these option would be:.

  1. Individual studio fully supplied ex. South Africa. This being the case in Mauritius where the population density can only support one studio.
  2. Individual studio partly supplied ex. South Africa. This being the case in Zimbabwe where some products are not cost effective due to import tariffs.
  3. Individual studio operating rights only.
  4. Master franchise for a country.
  • In South Africa with a viable population of 6 million, we can establish between 75 and 100 studios. We currently have 40.
  • A country like Australia which has a viable population of 18 million could easily have upwards of 200 studios over the 7 states.
  • If a studio is only using the concept and not our products, we will not obtain the long term benefits of a studio buying products on a regular basis. In South Africa, we charge R75 000 for a franchise. This fee would have to be decided on for the area required. Also the number of studios the area can support. This would be important to know how long it would take to recoup the investment.
  • All rights would be sold subject to independent audit and accountability as to operating procedure within the boundaries of the mandate.
  • The fees would be set out to include regular trips for training and promotion. Exchange rates considerations would also apply.

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